Design of Sewage Transmission Systems, WasteWater Treatment, Water Supply Systems and Drainage


Balasha-Jalon Infrastructure Systems Ltd. participates in leading and groundbreaking projects in Israel and abroad. In addition, the company serves as a consultant to water corporations, leading infrastructure projects in the country, local authorities, public institutions and all relevant planning bodies.

The organization is certified and meets the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard

Over 65 years In the field of planning Wet infrastructure

Professional consultancy to water authorities and infrastructure projects

Leading edge worldwide projects

Develops the design foundations of infrastructure design in Israel

Employs Leading engineers and technicians

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Areas of activity and specialization

The company is engaged in planning and consulting on a variety of issues related to wet infrastructure, the main ones being:

More of our Projects

הסמכה וסחיטת בוצה
Shafdan Sludge Thickening and Dewatwring Treatment

The Shafdan WWTP presently treats approximately 370,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, contributed by the entire Dan (Grater Tel-Aviv) Region.

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AYQ Line - Raising Main - Conveys under Pressure Sewage Pipe
AYQ Line – Raising Main - a Part of AY Line Project
Wastewater Collection and Transmission

AYQ Line is a part of AY Line Project – It is a bi-directional Raising Main that conveys the sewage under pressure from Ayalon Sewage Pumping Station to the western Sewage Transmission Line of Dan Region (Q-Line) or vice versa depends on the demands. AY Line Project enables routing the sewage flow between the main […]

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AYM - Raising Main
AYM Line – Raising Main - a Part of AY Line Project

AYM is a part of AY Line Project – The third Main Transmission Line of Dan Region, that servs a population of 2,000,000. It is one of the two Raising Mains that are connected to Ayalon Sewage Pumping Station. AYM Line closes a “loop” between AY Main Transmission Line and The Main Eastern Transmission Line […]

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AY, דחיקת קווים שפכים ראשי
AY Line Project – Main Sewage Transmission System

The AY Line Project is IGUDAN’s primary sewage project.   IGUDAN (Dan Region Union of Towns for Sewage) is in charge of Greater Tel Aviv Sewage Transmission lines to the sewage treatment plant and in charge of the “Shafdan” – Sewage Treatment Plant, serving a current population of 2.5 million people.   Until the introduction […]

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מאגרי קולחים, effluent reservoirs
Mahanayim Reservoirs

Mahanayim twin effluent reservoirs are located north to Rosh Pinna, fed with effluent of a near-by WWTP and supply it to agricultural plantations in the region..

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מובל ניקוז נחל הדר Drainage
Hadar River Culvert

This culvert drains the area of Ramataim neighborhood in Hod HaSharon, Israel.

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ניקוז ראשי הוד השרון Drainage
Hod Hasharon Main Drainage Culvert

The main rectangular culvert was built in 2006 by Hod HaSharon municipality.

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AY, דחיקת קווים שפכים ראשי
AY Line - Main Gravitational Sewage Transmission Line

The AY Lines sewage system is owned by the Dan Region Association of Towns (sewage), serving a population of 2.0 million from greater Tel-Aviv area.

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צינור ביוב, קו הולכת שפכים טבריה, מים מליחים
Saline Water Diversion - Sea of Galilee

Two pipe lines collect saline water from fountains located in the southern part of the Tiberias and the Hot Springs of Tiberias, and the third one transfers sewage water from the city of Tiberias

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תחנת כוח הידרואלקטרית, Hydroelectric Power Station
El-Canada Hydroelectric Power Plant

This hydroelectric power plant is located along the Samala` river, in the southwest region of Guatemala.

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Maale Gilbos Hydroelectric
Upper Gilboa Pumped Storage
Special Projects

Upper Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Station is designed to take advantage of the difference in electricity prices (low tariff at night and high tariff at a day time).

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Hadera Water Center
Water Supply Systems

This water center provides drinking water and firefighting supply to the city of Hadera with a population of 85,000.

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Ayalon Sewage pumping station
Ayalon Main Sewage Pumping Station

Ayalon Pumping Station serves Dan region with a population of 1,500,000.

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תחנת שאיבה לשפכים, תחנות שאיבה לשפכים
Abir Sewage Pumping Station - Netanya

Abir Sewage Pumping Station serves the southern part of the city Netanya with population of 180,000.

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Sewage pumping station Bet Yizhaq - 1
Bet Yizhaq Pumping Station

This Sewage Pumping Station serves the city of Netanya having a population of 350,000.

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Ra'anana Sewage Filtration

Ra'anana SBR WWTP produces secondary effluent quality.

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Shafdan Anarobic Digesters

The Shafdan WWTP presently treats approximately 370,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, contributed by the entire Dan (Greater Tel-Aviv) Region.

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Migdal Haemeq WWTP

Migdal Haemeq WWTP is a part of the regional project for the reuse of effluent in the Izrael Valley.

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Nebbi Musa WWTP

Nebbi Musa Regional WWTP serves the municipalities of Jerusalem (its eastern part) as well as other smaller municipalities and communities with population equivalent of 150,000

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Upper Tiberias WWTP

Upper Tiberias WWTP serves part of the city of Tiberias and other near-by rural villages having population of 25,000.

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Karmiel WWTP - First Stage

Karmiel WWTP serves 13 municipalities with population of 210,000.

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Haifa WWTP - Upgrades
Wastewater Treatment Plants

Haifa WWTP serves 11 municipalities with population of 800,000.

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Ein Bokek WWTP

Ein Bokek WWTP serves all the hotels and the touristic facilities along the Dead Sea areas

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Abuja WWTP - Nigeria

This WWTP serves the city of Abuja, the Capital of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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Bitanya Regional WWTP

Bitanya WWTP serves several municipalities with population of 80,000.

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