Sewage Systems

Main Sewage Transmission Lines

Main Sewage Transmission Lines (main collectors) are gravitational lines that connect the local sweage collection systems to Sewage Pumping Stations and / or to WasteWater Treatment Plants.

The diameter of Main Sewage Transmission Lines is up to 2.5 m (!) Therefore designing them require a lot of knowledge and expertise.

In the last two decades the method of building Main Sewage Transmission Lines is based on No-Dig technologies, such as micro-tunneling, HDD, direct-pipe and auger-boring, methods, because the vast majority of these lines are deep (at a depth of over 5.0 M) and are located in densely populated areas and / or areas saturated with other infrastructures such as railways, high-voltage power lines, water lines and more.

Balasha-Jalon was the one that brought the micro-tunneling technology to Israel and designed the first project of this kind in the country.

AYQ Line - Raising Main - Conveys under Pressure Sewage Pipe

AY, דחיקת קווים שפכים ראשי
AY Line - Main Gravitational Sewage Transmission Line
Dan Region - Central Israel