Sewage Systems

Sewage Collection System

Balasha-Jalon has tremendous experience accumulated over more than 60 years in designing sewage collection systems throughout the country, both in new developed areas and in built-up areas where existing lines need to be upgraded and renewed.

Urban sewage systems mainly built of gravitational sewage collection systems consisting of a combination of dedicated pipes and control trenches. The system is built in the shape of a tree: Starting  with lines connecting the yards to local collection lines, the local collection lines connect to regional collector, the regional collectors are connected to the main transmission line that discharges the sewage to a pumping station or to any other end solution.

The design is done for all lines' levels, according to the predicted sewage flow. The diameters of the pipes are determined and the building materials for the piping are determined. Depending on the depth of the lines and / or various obstacles, the execution methods are determined (open excavation or HDD)

At early days of Balasha-Jalon (in 1954) the sewer lines were designed from asbestos and steel pipes. Today, the lines are designed from pipes of various types: PVC, polyethylene, GRP, and concrete (dedicated).

Sewage pumping station Bet Yizhaq - 2

צינור ביוב, קו הולכת שפכים טבריה, מים מליחים
Saline Water Diversion - Sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee, Israel