Sewage Systems

Sewage Pumping Stations and Raising Mains

Sewage Pumping Stations are required when gravitational flow is not possible.

Balasha-Jalon  has been designed over the years numerous  Sewage Pumping Stations, from stations equipped with wet installed pumps with an hourly design flow of about 10 m3/h to the largest Sewage Pumping Station in Israel that includes two separate units of dry installed pumps with an hourly design flow of 20,000 m3/h.

The design of Sewage Pumping Stations must ensures continues operation, ease of maintenance, efficiency and minimum effect on the station's surroundings. The design includes, among other things, early air treatment, noise reduction, redundancy in the electrical system and pumps, fire protection, control, monitoring, and more.

Raising Mains are the outlet of sewage pumping stations.

Balasha-Jalon planned and still planning all types of Raising Mains which, among other things, include parallel lines, individual lines and also two-way Raising Mains.

Raising Mains can be made of different materials such as: steel, PE, PVC, GRP and also special concrete in cases of low pressure Raising Mains.

Ayalon Sewage pumping station

Sewage pumping station Bet Yizhaq - 1
Bet Yizhaq Pumping Station
Netanya - Central Israel
תחנת שאיבה לשפכים, תחנות שאיבה לשפכים
Abir Sewage Pumping Station - Netanya
Netanya - Central Israel
Ayalon Sewage pumping station
Ayalon Main Sewage Pumping Station
Dan Region - Central Israel