Outline and Master Plans

Water and Sewage Master Plans

Since the establishment of the Balasha-Jalon, the company has specialized in preparing  Water and Sewage Master Plans.

One of the goals of the Master Plans is to prepare the municipal water and sewage systems for the planned urban development.

The plans examine existing and future urban needs as well as existing facilities such as: drinking water collection pools, pumping stations, main lines, etc. The needs are examined against the existing systems and in accordance with the findings, the required facilities and stages of implementation are determined.

The Water and Sewage Master Plans outline and present the proposed changes in the existing systems both by labeling new lines and facilities and by upgrading existing lines and facilities, while optimizing proposed systems.

As part of the Master Plans design, computerized models are performed that simulate the flows in both systems, water and sewage. Balasha-Jalon uses the most advance water and sewage network analyzers such as WaterCad and SewerCad from Bentley software house.