Outline and Master Plans

Outline Plans and Master Plans for Water, Sewage and Drainage are the skeleton for the design of water supply, sewage and drainage systems.


Master Plans for Water, Sewage and Drainage define the lines and facilities required for supply drinking water, the sewage collection system surface runoff management. The plans define in the locations of the required pumping stations, drinking water pools and the areas of delay and infiltration of the surface runoff.


Master Plans are reviewed by various authorities  such as: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Water Authority, Ministry of Constructions and Housing, Mekorot and more.


The required facilities are defined as engineering facilities. Therefore, as part of the Master Plan, suitable areas are statutorily defined as designated for the construction of engineering facilities.


The provisioning of the plans define the stages of construction required and conditions for the construction of the facilities.


The outline plans are statutory approved by the Planning Director.

Regional Master Plans
Water and Sewage Master Plans
Drainage Master Plans
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