Wastewater Treatment Plants

Design of Water and WasteWater Treatment Plants (WWTP) is one of the Balasha-Jalon's main areas of expertise since its inception.


Since the year it was established (1954), the company has designed dozens of water and WasteWater Treatment Plants (WWTP) in Israel and world-wide, including some of the world`s complexed and largest projects.


The variety of facilities designed by Balasha-Jalon over the years includes the entire range, from simple extensive facilities based on large-scale earth lagoons, mechanical facilities for water and wastewater treatment, biological treatment plants designed nutrients removal thus producing effluents complying with the highest standards, chemical treatment of water, wastewater and effluent , advanced treatments including effluent tertiary treatments of various types, disinfection of effluents and a whole range of sewage sludge treatment producing a beneficial product for agricultural use as well as design of systems that utilize the biogas generated during sludge digestion for heat and electricity production, and more.


Balasha-Jalon is recognized as one of the leading companies in Israel and in the world in this field

Bitanya Regional WWTP
Northern Israel
Abuja WWTP - Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria
Ein Bokek WWTP
Southern Israel
Wastewater treatment plant
Haifa WWTP - Upgrades
Northern Israel
Karmiel WWTP - First Stage
Northern Israel
Upper Tiberias WWTP
Northern Israel
Nebbi Musa WWTP
Yehuda desert, Israel
Migdal Haemeq WWTP
Northern Israel
Sludge thermophilic and anaerobic digestion - Shafdan
Shafdan Anarobic Digesters
Central Israel
Ra'anana Sewage Filtration
Central Israel
הסמכה וסחיטת בוצה
Shafdan Sludge Thickening and Dewatwring Treatment
Dan Region - Central Israel