Surface Runoff Management

Drainage Engineering

Floods cause property damage and can harm human life.

In accordance with the new guidelines of the Planning Director, the currently planned drainage systems are required to contain components of runoff water management - delay areas, collecting areas, infiltration, etc., in order to reduce the flows in the drainage systems.

The planning guidelines define the intensity and duration of the rain events according to which the drainage systems are required to be designed.

According to studies, due to climate changes, in recent years the intensity of rainfall has been increased and therefore it is necessary to design combination of measures in order to obtain a suitable drainage system.

Municipal drainage systems are usually constructed of pipes up to 1.5 m in diameter. When higher flow rates are required, rectangular culverts of different dimensions or channels are used.

מובל ניקוז נחל הדר Drainage
Hadar River Culvert
Central Israel
ניקוז ראשי הוד השרון Drainage
Hod Hasharon Main Drainage Culvert
Central Israel