Sewage Treatment


When collecting large volumes of water, soil reservoirs can be built. The stored water can be of different qualities: drinking water, running water, effluent or wastewater of different qualities.

Depending on the need and the expected quality of the water in the reservoir, the required protections are determined both in terms of preventing seepage into the ground and in terms of preventing water pollution.

As part of the planning, the development levels of the reservoir are determined, taking into account the type of soil, while calculating the earthworks required the entrance facilities and the type of pumping systems from the reservoir are required.

In recent years, reservoirs have been designed by the Balasha-Jalon as part of the Pumped Storage project at Gilboa, as well as as part of various sewage treatment and effluent collection projects.

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'


מאגרי קולחים, effluent reservoirs
Mahanayim Reservoirs
Northern Israel
תחנת כוח הידרואלקטרית, Hydroelectric Power Station
El-Canada Hydroelectric Power Plant
Maale Gilbos Hydroelectric
Upper Gilboa Pumped Storage
Northern Israel