Outline and Master Plans

Drainage Master Plans

Urban development changes the face of urban planning and thus reduces natural infiltration and changes the runoff flow regime. In order for the change in the flow regime and the quantities of the runoff not to harm the property, it is necessary to regulate and adjust the municipal drainage systems.

Balasha-Jalon prepares  Drainage Mater Plans. As part of the Drainage Mater Plan, a characterization of the expected changes in the surface plan is carried out and calculations are made for the expected runoff flow rates with respect to the existing situation and the planned situation. The plans are prepared on the basis of the topography, the designations of the land, data on rainfall intensities and more.

The Drainage Mater Plan divides the settlement into drainage basins and calculates for each area the runoff flows and the required pipe/culvert dimensions. The Drainage Mater Plan outlines the solutions and offers the means for the management of the runoff. The plans currently being promoted are being carried out in accordance with the provisions of the National Outline Plan - 1 and the municipal runoff management policy document prepared by the Planning Administration.