Outline and Master Plans

Regional Master Plans

The national and regional water and sewage systems provide a solution and service to various authorities in the geographical area.

Balasha-Jalon prepares Regional Master Plans that present the existing and required infrastructure in order to provide a solution and service to the authorities in the area.

As part of the preparation of the plans, data of the population and the various consumers is collected, and the water consumption forecasts and sewage effects are calculated accordingly. As a consequence, the required pipes' diameters are determined (some of which are defined as overhead).

Sometimes, as part of the regional solutions, alternatives to the existing situation are offered so that the system will have redundancy in the event of a malfunction.

Sometimes, as part of the response and out of the need to formulate the plan the regional plan is encored and  promoted as a statutory plan.

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'